Rejoice! Kingdom Hearts Announcements in ’07!

Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura said in a interview with Famitsu that there will be multiple KH projects in the works, with announcements coming in 2007. Kingdom Hearts 3 could be the most convincing reason for me to buy a PS3. That is if it’s even on the PS3. With Dragon Quest 9 coming to DS instead of PS2, it will be interesting to see where the KH3 ends up.

Let the war for the Keyblade begin!



15 thoughts on “Rejoice! Kingdom Hearts Announcements in ’07!

  1. It would be better off on PS2 AND PS3, as the series is on it.
    But now… I’m just hoping that the new Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ comes out in the US

  2. sorry but Kingdom Hearts had never been on Nintendo at all. I think that Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ ain’t gonna show up in the US in which the original Kingdom Hearts Final Mix didn’t came in US. they are mostly just japanese versions but in KH2FM+ english version are part of it. I kinda hate to say but if KH be on Sony, I guess it’ll stay Sony more than chain of memories be on gameboy

  3. From watching the trailor at the end of the kh2 and on the computer i think roxas is going to die bc in the trailor a guy gets frozen from the bad heartless guy thingy and the guy has blond hair and blue eyes (wich probally lead to sora dieing) but if you really look at his hair youll see its done more like roxas than soras

    i love the cover of the new kh game

  4. –] Alot of people would like it to be on the Wii, so they can use the remote as a keyblade,

    –] Then again Some want it to be on the Ps3 so they can have spectacular graphics.

    –] But since So many gree that the Ps3 is so expensive they perfer if it was on the Ps2 And the Wii.

    –] And of course, others want it to be on the PsP and the DS, like they did with som of the other KH’s.

    So really we dont really have a chance of knowing which console it will be on until T. Nomura tells us officially.
    sadly i heard before he works on Kh3 or the other Kh (the one that has side characters) He will be working on Final Fantasy XIII and XIII versus….. I want to play KH3 Now!!! … =(

  5. {{Sorry for double posting}}

    Ven (the guy who got frozen) Is NOT Roxas or connected to him in any way!

    the other two chasers are: Terra and Aqua(the girl)

    and the man who tries to destroy the three, alot of people believe he is or connected with Xhenort somhow.

  6. OK, if you agree that KH3 should come out on ps2 than comment on that point. My friends dad said that Tetsuya Nomura has read this and took in into consideration?!??!?!?!

  7. Hey peple who said they want kh for DS and PSP. those r confirmed. The ds one is called 358/2 days and the psps one is called birth by sleep, its the official kh3 that no one knows bout yet

  8. I agree that KH3 should be on wii ps2 and ps3. even if the graphics for the wii weren’t spectacular, it would be really fun to use the wii remote to swing as if it were the keyblade

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