New Halo 3 “Vidoc” is Brute-tastic!

The Ninja’s over at Bungie launched a surprise attack at us gamers, by putting the new “Vidoc” (Video Documentary) up for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I’ve only gotten a chance to watch a cruddy YouTube Shaky-cam Version, but it looks slick. Here’s a few images to get you hyped:

^New type of Brute Armor.

^New Grenade’s in HUD. Frag, Plasma, Spike, Sheild?

Well, shield is the wrong shape…

^More Brute Sweetness!

I’ll have my thoughts and info from the video, when I download it on friday. If you have Xbox Live, you really should download this!



One thought on “New Halo 3 “Vidoc” is Brute-tastic!

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