Sony’s Boomerang Controller Returns!

…By a third party, for the PS2. I was one of few that liked the original design for the “Dualshock 3”, but we would soon see Sony lose the shock (rumble) and revert to an identical controller. Well now we can experience how the PS3 was supposed to be, without the amazing picture quality of Blu-Ray with the TiltSense Wireless controller from Psyclone Essentials.


I was walking around my local Target, looking for things to add to my X-mas list, when I noticed that the PS3 controller had been stolen. I giggled and moved further down the aisle and saw the box above. After seeing it was a motion sensing controller for PS2 I picked up the box.


Took a few pics on my phone of the box and it’s sides and moved on. When I got home and flipped through my pictures, I noticed that the controller was (in spirit) the original PS3 controller! If it wasn’t 40 bucks I might consider buying it. My PS2 collection is lacking anyway.


Anybody else want to try this out?



3 thoughts on “Sony’s Boomerang Controller Returns!

  1. I got this. It is not terrible at controlling with tilt (though I don’t prefer it), but it is just absolutely terrible quality overall. The right analog stick stays in place when I pull it all the way to the bottom right. Just sticks there. The D-pad doesn’t always register when I push it to the right.

    And lest you think it’s just my one controller, I returned it and got another: and it has the same D-pad problem.

  2. I have one, it’s OK as a tilting controller, it can be a little “notchy” at times if you will, but it works better than the Wiimote, lol. As for the complaints, you need to click your joystick down. The joysticks are placed on top of a nub inside the controller and you can inadvertently pull them up during gameplay. Push down until it clicks (which is actually a button, L3 and R3) and it will set it right. Also, the rubberized coating might need to be worn down a little from normal use first.

    As for the D-pad, yeah, it sucks, this is definitely a controller to use for tilt controls and nothing else. I got mine for $10 on sale, I wish I would’ve bought another when they dropped to $5

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