Nintendo Power Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Feature (part one)

I don’t have the February issue yet, but NeoGAF poster Xristot does! I’m excited because there is a huge Hotel Dusk: Room 215 article. In this “Part One” I’ll relay everything he says about HD:R215 in the thread, in this post. I know I’m not the only one who cares about this game!

-Hotel Dusk preview. Looking really damn nice.

-For anyone wondering about Hotel dusk’s length. The article states that there are 10 chapters in the game and that the story is much longer than Trace memory. (KLind = Heart attack).

-The article is 5 pages, but only three of those have text. (More Screens = Awesome)

-Dialog in this game is probably one of the most important aspects

-Each time you respond to someone you are given many choices on the dialog tree.

-You can be rude, nice, call someone on a lie, chitchat, threaten people, back off, noisy, non intrusive and many others. and example is the opening dialog in the hotel that can go at least “10 different ways.”

-Its very much a noir style game but its set in the 70s so it’s a little more modern.

-It’s mostly an article on story with a little bit a gameplay talk.

-The screenshots look great.

-The black and white characters over the colored backgrounds look great.

-They show one screen with 3d and it’s looking adequate. I would say a little better than trace memory. (which isn’t bad)

-Other than that, they just say that theres a good amount of replayability. (Which is more good news to KLind!)

The game comes out on January 22, and I already have it worked out with my Gamestop friend to call me the second they get it in. The only thing that makes the wait harder is that my other favorite DS game comes out of January 16! Forget about Christmas! I want January!

Part two will be scans of the article with any new info

And your babies



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