PoP:TTT for Wii? Please, no.

Ubisoft has been cranking out Wii titles for launch period. Some are original games (Red Steel, Rayman Raving Rabbids), but some are ports from other systems (nearly everything else). We knew that Prince of Persia was going to be heading our way on Wii, but details are still cryptic. Ubisoft has said that we can use the Wiimote as Princes ‘chain’. If you keep up with Prince of Persia games, you’ll remember that the chain was only used by Dark Prince. Dark Prince was only in the most recent game “The Two Thrones”. When I read the Ubisoft quote, I began to fear that Ubisoft would just be porting it to the Wii.

But then you might remember in Late September, a crapload of concept art, screens, and videos, of unannounced games were leaked out from Ubisoft. We saw this art:

This had to mean that the Wii game wouldn’t be a TTT port, right? Well…not according to NiWiFi. They claim to have the new Nintendo Power:

I don’t know if I’ve gotten my next Nintendo Power issue before everyone else, but it is LOADED with great news! NP has an exclusive on the new Prince of Persia game coming to Wii. Apparently it is a rework of The Two Thrones which was released last year. I’ve never played this one in the series, but I’ve only heard good things. The article shows how exactly the game will be controlled with the wiimote/nunchuk combination. Here are the moves it goes over:
Dagger Plant
Speed Kill
Free-Form Fighting
The Daggertail

I won’t spoil how exactly they use the Wii’s controls, but it looks great! Suffice it to say, Prince of Persia on Wii is shaping up to be another must-have title in Wii’s ever-expanding library of AAA games.

Expect this title in March! Go buy the new issue of Nintendo Power for all the info.

There’s a few weird things about that post:
-Normally the magazine shows up a few days before it shows up for retail purchase. Today is the 15th, and the Nintendo Power reshelf date is January 1.
-It’s unusually vague: I won’t spoil how exactly they use the Wii’s controls, but it looks great! If you’re a small blog, wouldn’t you want to get a ton of views by telling all? I know I did.
-Most of the time, people get magazines around the same time. Why has there been no other mention of this on the net so far!

I’m not saying that the guy’s lying, I just find some things weird. I also would like an original PoP game instead.

We should be able to clarify all of this in the next few weeks.



3 thoughts on “PoP:TTT for Wii? Please, no.

  1. no problem, it’s definitely pretty bogus that ubisoft is pumping out these titles left and right. i don’t think developers realize the need for new franchises/IPs yet, especially when the games release on such a unique system. who knows, hopefully if the sales are bad, ubi and others will come to their senses.

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