The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) review

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to have The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess right now. It would be a crime for you to have bought a Wii without it. It’s out now for Gamecube as well, and if you don’t have one of those you could probably buy the game and console for under 100$. So if you don’t have this game, then you are part of the problem.

Sliding the golden disc in to the non-illuminated disc slot, sent me back to the days of Ocarina of Time. With the oddly shaped N64 controller in hand I moved Link around Hyrule. Things hadn’t changed much. But I still had an uneasy feeling inside. In every other Zelda game I’ve played (most all of them), there has been a point where I get stuck beyond help. Even with guides, it’s been too hard to figure out. Truth is, I’ve never finished a Zelda game in my life.

But I was determined to break my curse with this one.

By now you know all about the controls of the Wii version. Swing the Remote to swing your sword, use the pointer to aim your bow, shake the Nunchuk to spin attack, and some other things like throwing pots. The controls are simply amazing. If you want to swing your arms around like a madman, feel free to, the sword will swing just the same. But if it’s been a long day and you don’t want to hurt yourself, feel free to slightly shake the remote for the same effect.

I love games with story (see: 40 hours in Trace Memory), and of course Twilight Princess delivers. Sure, the Zelda games have been rich with story, but this is downright epic.

Living as a farmboy in the small town, Ordon, our hero spends the early part of the game exploring his hometown. (Just to clarify: our hero is a different Link than the ones from previous games; it takes place roughly 100 years after Ocarina of Time). Link is called to take a special delivery to Hyrule. Before he gets the chance, he gets pulled into a mysterious realm, full of monsters unlike any we’ve seen in previous games in the series. Welcome to the Twilight Realm. When in the Twilight Realm Link, through circumstances elaborated later on in the story, is forced into a different form.


Within moments of waking up in a jail cell (if I realized that I had become a wolf I would have passed out too), you are introduced to Midna, a small little twilight creature that wears a stone crown on her head, and has a single fang. In exchange for helping you bust out, Midna joins you on your quest. She leads you up through a certain castle to meet a certain princess, and that’s when the bulk of the story begins. I don’t want to turn this review into a spoiler heavy post (because you have to experience most of this stuff on your own for the full experience).


Graphically, it is still a Gamecube game, but that is not a problem. The way I figure it is if launch games are already looking this fantastic, things can only get better. One of my favorite aspects, graphically, is the inclusion of facial feature animation. It makes a return from Wind Waker. Let’s say you are talking to an Ordonian(?) lady who is telling you the dangers that you will face in Hyrule field. Instead of just the mouth moving, the lady will look worried for you by showing fear in the eyebrows, but then will try to reassure you by nodding and changing the eyebrows to relaxed. It’s a subtle thing but when revisiting games like Oblivion where the characters mouth is pretty much the only thing to move, you come to appreciate the feature.

compared to:


In recent years I have come to appreciate video games soundtracks. Sure back in the day I would hum along with Super Mario Bros. but now I have began collecting the Orchestral Soundtracks to games. With Zelda, it hurts to play it knowing that the soundtrack is not out yet. Sure there is a sampler from Nintendo Power, but I want the whole thing. The music in Twilight Princess is superb from the second you put the disc in the console. The mini intro on the Disc Channel has a choir performing a snippet from the original Zelda. You get to hear the full thing when you watch the full intro. Since this is still technically the Ocarina of Time world, you’ll hear some music that’s familiar with a new spin.

Although I do have a small gripe with Audio, specifically the speaker on the remote. It’s pretty cool how you get to hear the classic Zelda chime on the speaker, but is it really necessary to hear every freaking sword slash? It would be one thing if Nintendo had more than 3-4 sword slash sounds, but in the event you are fighting a ton of enemies at once the sound gets pretty annoying.

All in all Twilight Princess is one of the best games I’ve played all year, and it is the killer app that the Wii needed. I even beat it! 44 hours, and 14 minutes. The final boss is simply epic, and it will make any Zelda fanboy weep tears of joy.



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17 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) review

  1. i completely agree the ending cutscene was amazing, the music, the feel and atmosphere, the character involvement, …………… some graphics are amazing, but i feel the last cutscene graphically let down other cutscenes, but i didnt know it was graphically a gamecube game! Does this mean there will be wii games with EVEN BETTER graphics???!! if so i am extreemly excited!!!
    thanks for writin this blog, its greeat.

  2. i realy liked the review i havent finished it yet (game cube) i got it for my birthday that was this week. do u have myspace ?

  3. how come link loves llania in twilight princess than zelda? thats weird. i wish that i could be in the twilight princess, brawler, and orincia of time to help link save the hyule. i also whant to be link`s sister. i dont know if link well like me. im a big fane of legend of zelda seires, you can go to my email at and im just 13. i have one more day at centerville jr high, i get out at friday, thats tommorow. can link handle 13? if you all dont whant me thats fine, thats gives you all idea. i well let you all talk about it. if you all whant me thats fine, i whant to around people, can you all to teach me how to draw legend of zelda seires? in twilight princess, i got to part where link has to find the fish, thats how far i got to and heres my phone number- 296-0590. you all can keep my phone number in your phone if you have one. thats my dream that i told you all about. i need someone that knows how i fell, that well be link and link well be my brother. zelda and llina can you two well be my two best friends?

  4. Yeah I beat the Gamecube game in like three days…I would have beaten it sooner but yeah my mom made me clean and stuff. I am well…11 and yeah we have to do things are mothers tell us too yet. But yeah the graphics for Lengend of Zelda:Twilight Princess were awesome! It was realistic in a sense. I also beat Lengend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I was only 7 years old. After my dad got sick of playing it I took over and started a new file and beat it in 20 days. It was really hard since I was only 7 and didn’t have any cheats to it. Also Majora’s Mask was harder to me then Twilight Princess. Took me around 3 months to it – _ – Majora’s Mask I mean. Anyways…..Yeah I like Legend of Zelda Games!

  5. Oh Yeah I also beat Lengend of Zelda: Wind Walker…It took me like forever since there was alot to do and I am not a fan of using guide books and cheats so yeah took me maybe 3 – 5 months? I am sure… Oh well I hope new Zelda Game and yeah that is mess up the way Link likes that illia girl…and not zelda x – x

  6. Yeah, the new game Twilight Princess was easy to beat,it took me two days,and I don’t own a Nintendo Power book or had a computer since I got the game. I hope the new game of Zelda for Gamecube would be about two players,Zelda and Link working together through every dungeon and battling monsters and bosses, especially Ganondorf, both earning items in every dungeon.

  7. that last comment I didn’t finish.Every Zelda game ever made I beaten them all, I just want a really challenging one with two players and 36 stages.anyone have comment about this comment, please comment this comment and make it what you are really thinking of this comment I just made.

  8. i agree with ur comment this zelda was way easy and i have been thinkin the same it would be wicked to have a 2 or more playered zelda i think they should do it!!

  9. i love the legend of zelda games and of all, the twilight princess one is my fav!!!!! Midna and Link are sooo purfect for each other! copy and paste this if you agree w/ me:

    MidnaxLink 2gether 4ever!!!!

  10. oh, and i agree w/ you, there needs 2 b a really challenging legend of zelda game so that i will take a long time to finish it… i mean come on, i’ve beat the legend of zelda twilight princess 6 TIMES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! also, it should save your game at the end after you beat ganondorf, because then you would get to see zelda in the castle and everything and that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! let me know if you agree w/me!

    p.s. sorry my comment was so long… ;)

    V (>.<) V peace and rock on!!!!!

  11. i aint got it yet but it looks well good and awesome! ive got phatom hourglass through and its amazing i hope that this is as good as that. cos hopefully in gettin it for crimbo! Zelda games you rock! (your my fav person on smah bros brawl! :)

  12. hi i love the move it was soooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i thank edwierd is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cut well i am going to get the book all of them well ttyl

  13. his name is EDWARD!!!!!!!! learn how to spell his name.

    HAHA. stupid.

    also the owner of this site is sweeeet.
    hes built like a wolf

    edward is hot though.

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