The first Wiik

You may have noticed my lack of updates for the past week. I haven’t been on the internet much because of the Wii. Let’s talk waiting in line.

After 27 hours at Wal-Mart, I can safely say that I earned it. I showed up at Wal-Mart at 5PM on Friday the 17th. There was no one in line and the electronics clerk said that he didn’t think their was much demand for it. That would change.

I would call back every hour on the hour, and at 9:30 I showed up with my friend, Brian. I was number 7/20 on the list and he was 8. We both looked around the game isle and saw that they had some Wii games on sale. Interestingly, Wal-Mart didn’t have Excitetruck for sale at all. They did however have controller sets on the shelves. They couldn’t sell them until midnight though. They were just put out to taunt us. There were 4 classic controllers, 20 Remotes, and only 6 Nunchuks! At 4PM Saturday, I grabbed and hid a Nunchuk and Remote to make sure I got one.

Wal-Mart was amazing enough to let us live inside the store without sitting in a formal line. We didn’t really get in line until 11PM Saturday! We had to check in every hour on the hour though. Guitar Hero 2 was one of the only ways (other than sleep) to make time pass. During the beginning hours (basically until 8AM) went by fast, but after that took forever to pass. The horrible part of the entire stay was the fact that I live in Columbus, Ohio. Chances are that you’ve heard of our football team, the Buckeyes. We kind of have a rivalry with Michigan. The OSU / Michigan game was on the 18th. Every 4 seconds a crazed fan would yell: “OH-!!!” and everyone in the store would scream “-IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Our fans are scary. Everyone went to watch the game on one of the huge TV’s, and would scream and cry when we got a touchdown. We won. I have a headache.

Anyway, after many hours of being in and out of consciousness in the in-store Subway, they announced that they lost their shipment of Wii consoles. But things would be okay. 1 person might be looking for them. It turns out that they would lose many things that night. At one point they lost Zelda. I freaked out at that and went across the street to get it at Best Buy. They found Zelda right after I got back though. The consoles that they lost were only the second shipment of nine. I was fine.

During one of the late night Guitar Hero 2 parties, a gothic dude came to the game isle and pulled out his PSP. We were all sprawled across the floor, playing our DS’s/laptops/iPods when a janitor drives by on a zamboni and gives us one of the biggest WTF looks ever. After laughing that up we notices all of the systems had turned off and so had the TV’s. Earlier in the night, when the clerk opened the Sony case to get a game, I asked to turn on PS3. They let me, but it turns out that the PS3 shorts out the entire electronics breaker. The PSP kid (it was creepy enough that he was shopping for games at 4AM) turned out to be a 1337 H4xx0rz and had modded his PSP to be able to turn off electrical appliances. He wanted us to talk to him and tell him how cool he was, but we pretty much just told him how pissed off he made us. While he was turning everything back on for us, we asked him to turn up the Wii TV which looped a DVD and was previously muted. We came to regret this as “Susan” repeated the same fact sheet on Wii every 2 minutes. As the time passed by, and I lost my sanity, I found myself falling in love with Susan. We were married twice and divorced 5 times. She got custody of the fern plants. I got another headache.

At 11PM they had us gather around the electronics counter. We got our systems, snapped a picture of all of us holding our Wii boxes for , and left happily. As I was walking to the area where we were going to take the picture, three gangsters approach me.

Them: “Is that they Wii?”
Me: “Uh…No, yeah, no” I say unsure.
Them: “Give it to me”
Me: “No!” I look around and see a security guard escorting a old lady out of the store to her car.

Seeing the security dude scared them off, but it had me thinking. I care about video games more than I value my life. Pathetic, or Awesome? You decide.

I got home with my precious cargo, and unboxed it with glee. I turned it on and created myself in the Mii creator. After playing some Wii Sports I popped in Red Steel.

Keep in mind that I haven’t played Red Steel beyond the first couple levels, but it was enough to give me a good idea on how the rest of the game will feel. I like the  art style of this game. Graphically the game is reminiscent of the original Splinter Cell on Gamecube. There are not to many jaggies, and the characters look realistic enough. But with all Wii games it all boils down to gameplay. The gameplay is something you have to get used to. You can’t go too far to the edge of the screen with your cursor because then it will appear at the other side of the screen. After playing around with it for a while I’ve come to this general idea on why this is. Imagine an invisible box over your screen that picks up your pointer. Then imagine many more boxes connected to each side of the original box. If you point to far to the left side of the original box you will spill over to the right side of the next box, if that makes any sense. I imagine in time I’ll grow used to the control scheme, but for now turning is a pain. The swordplay suffers the curse of being a bit to complicated to be fun. Swinging the sword is easy, but blocking has you holding down the C button (the round button on the back of the Nunchuk) and moving it left and right. I can understand that the accelerometer in the Nunchuk is not as powerful as the Wii Remote, but it could have been done better. The story is very interesting though, I just think that Ubisoft tried to do to many things to immerse its players into the game. After my fun with Red Steel, I took a well deserved 12 hour sleep.

Waking up was an painful experience.  As I got out of bed I fell on my face. My legs were locked up, and I had 3 blisters on my feet. I got up and carefully made my way to Wii. I slid the beautifully golden Zelda disc in to the console, and began playing. Zelda is one of a handful of games out there that adds something new every 20-30 minutes. A new item, area, plot twist, etc. The game benefits by the tech Nintendo implemented into the Wind Waker that allows the characters to show facial expression. Talking to characters and seeing them show real emotion just makes you appreciate that Nintendo didn’t rush this title. The game is a lot of fun because you don’t have to sit attentive with your Wii Remote. You can sit with each half of the controller at your side and play the game laying down. Even though the game is basically a Gamecube game at heart, this is the definitive version because you have fun discovering quirky ways to use the Wii Remote.

Wait for full reviews of all of the games mentioned, but got 3 Wii games from Gamefly and will offer quick things about each.

Call of Duty 3- This game is surprising. I didn’t expect much beyond a strait port, but the developers use the Wii Remote in very innovative ways. Some uses are: Steering a jeep with the Wiimote and Nunchuk as a steering wheel; meleeing with the Wiimote; chucking grenades with the Nunchuk; planting charges by first pushing the Nunchuk forward, then cranking it in a clockwise direction, then pulling the Nunchuk back toward you. If you want a fun version of CoD, and can look past the graphical downgrade from 360, and PS3, then BUY THIS GAME!

Trauma Center- I didn’t much care for the lame plot twist, and tough difficulty of the DS version, but am having more fun with the Wii version. It’s still basically the same game though. I just got it today, so I haven’t played it much.

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam- Being the first Wii game I ever played (Nintendo Fusion Tour), I had to try it out. It’s a lot more fun knowing how to control it, and other than some cheap crashes, or slow downs,  the game is just as fun as I expected it to be. I just got it today as well, and have only put about an hour into it.

It was definitely worth the wait, and lives up to the codename of Revolution.  There is so much more to this console than I could have imagined, and you should really try to grab one up for the holiday season. Playing is believing!


…back to Zelda.


3 thoughts on “The first Wiik

  1. Good times, good times.

    I still need that video of me playing GH, unless it turned out really poorly. I think I watched it, but I don’t remember things good from that day.

    Anyone with a Wii is gonna get really beefy in their right arm really fast.

  2. Wow that is quite the story. I think Walmart wanted you to shop around the store the whole time you were in line =P. That is scary stuff that you had an encounter with gangsters after leaving the store. They should’ve learned from last year to have police stationed outside stores.

    I’m glad you are having fun with the Wii. Most of my friends have had positive experiences so far. I was not able to get one in the end (picked up an Xbox 360 and Gears of War for the meantime). Do you think Red Steel’s controls really hurt the game? The reviews have been devastating. Red Steel stock came down drastically as seen here

  3. Red Steel has turned out a lot better a couple hours in the game. The controls are spot on. Expect a positive review. Also, Brian Shiau remind me later this week that I want to do a profile on your site. My email’s at the top of the site.

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