It’s Game Time.

This is the last post before I head out to my local Wal-Mart to get in line for the Wii. We’ve come a long way gearing up to this console launch. I remember sitting at the same computer I’m posting on now, refreshing IGN as the Revolution’s controller was unveiled. I remember running to my local Barnes & Noble to pick up the “Red Steel” Game Informer, to take a peek at the Revo’s graphics. Then the day that Nintendo broke the internet by announcing the Revolutions true name as Wii, and defending it to all of my friends. Finally leading up to the Nintendo Fusion Tour where dreams became reality, as I finally played the Wii.

Now, I have Red Steel sitting right next to me, and soon I will have one of the most exciting consoles in recent memory. It almost feels as if I’m at the last level of Nintendo’s grand game. The console that I have obsessed about for nearly 2 years, is almost here (assuming I get a spot in line, which would be the boss fight). But the game isn’t over, in fact the game is about to begin. Will the public embrace the Wii as much as the hardcore gaming crowd? Will the sales be what we expect? Will I be able to get a copy of Zelda day one? So many questions! But answers are only 2 days away. Playing is believing.




5 thoughts on “It’s Game Time.

  1. What’s the launch date for The Ledgend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess?

    P.s. Note that i’m only 14 and my parents are getting the wii for me and my bro and me and him can’t diside on one game but we have to he wants to get dbz boodaki 10 but i want the ledgend of zelda and the way he said to diced is it to be launch the the same day as the wii or very very close to the wii launch.

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