Welcome to Next Gen Week!

In less you are a newborn, you are aware that the Playstation 3 will be launching Friday, and the Wii will be out on Sunday. I will be getting the Wii at midnight on Saturday. I won’t be Playing B3yond, with PS3, but I will try to get some time with a friends to get some reviews to you guys.

Brace your wallets men, and attractive women, This is War!



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Next Gen Week!

  1. Hm Dan, your bad english transfers to the Internet as well! Impressive! In order:

    1-3) I don’t have Gears of War. I’m working my hardest to get my Wii stuff: Console, Zelda, Red Steel, and Extra controller (you do want to play don’t you?). I can’t afford it now.

    4) Let’s get something straight, I’m not waiting Outside. I’ll be comfy in Meijer (because you get a nunchuk free with Console and Remote purchase), from 4:30 AM to Midnight on Saturday.

    Why am I waiting inside??? Because I want to get a Wii as soon as I can! You may have missed this, but check this out:

    That’s the line for Wii PREORDERS! You were at the Fusion Tour, and you know that loads of people in Ohio want a Wii. If I don’t get one on Day 1, then I don’t get one for a while. And that would be a shame seeing as I’m getting Red Steel on thursday.

  2. Just got my wii after waiting 11 hours out side of Best Buy, Mikes brother got one too right after we got to my house we hooked both of them up my works perfect, but Nicks power supply burnt out so now he has to get a new one plus he wouldn’t let me borrow Red Steel or Zelda which sucks. Wii sports is kick ass boxing is my favorite tell me how Red Steel is Kel. I know run on sentence.

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