Hands On- Playstation 3 (Motorstorm)

I popped my head in to the local Target today, to look at all of the games I can’t afford because of the Wii check up on things. I look toward the games area as I walk in and see that they have changed the Sony area up. I trot over to see the broken PS2 replaced with a very shiny (and very expensive) Playstation 3.

Someone had walked away mid-demo and the kiosk was deserted. So, I sheepishly picked up the Sixaxis, and began to play some Motorstorm! Within second of controlling with the analog stick this is what I see:

So I hit pause, and turned the Motion Sensing on. This made the game run much smoother. A crowd of about 7 people soon had gathered around and were talking about how good it looked. The Sixaxis motion controls are not a gimmick. It actually improved my skill at the game. Another point of interest is the triggers on the back of the controller. Anyone familiar with the Dualshock 2 will know that the R1/L1 “triggers” have always been buttons. This time, they are real triggers and they really pull together the overall feel of the controller.

Motorstorm is pretty, but the gameplay doesn’t really live up to the graphics and controls. The big problem is that you crash every few seconds which lead to long drawn out boring (but pretty) slow-mo crash animations where your car smashes in to 100,000 little pieces. The pause menu takes a feature from Super Smash Bros. by letting you look all around your current location in 3d. This is fun during crashes, but then again, those animations are slow enough you can do basically the same thing anyway.

Motorstorm is a good game to Gamefly, and the PS3 is better then I expected. Good luck finding on though!



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