Gears of War. It’s like that scab that you can’t pick off just yet.

November is my worst enemy. Here we are about 12 days until the Wii launches (I’m still 75$ away from what I need), and what do I see today at my local EB Games? Gears of War. Cliffy B’s dream game. My dream game.

It’s like a scab. You get the wound first (the game gets announced), then you develop a scab (as time gets closer to release), then finally you find your fingernails tearing off the scab (buying the game) and adding it to your collection. With the Wii around the corner, I’m about to pick off a huge scab that is consuming my right arm. But once I add the scab to my collection, my jar will be full until I can raise enough money for a new jar. I just want to say that as soon as I get the cash for a new “jar” I’ll play with it (maybe cut some locusts with it) and get you guys a review ASAP.

Until then watch and love this trailer:



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