Wii Preorders, a messy situation.

Around this time last year I was running around town with 420$ in my wallet. It was good to be alive! Nintendo had just shown off their next consoles new controller, and I was about to get an Xbox 360. Except for one small detail. I hadn’t preordered.

I left class on the 21st, and ran to my car. I went to all my local stores, and saw huge lines, and heard that I could either leave, or get a Core Pack. Finally I found myself sitting in a cold car eating cold fries, and making calls to all the retailers.

“Hello this is Target”

“Do you guys have many people in line to get the Xbox 360?”

“5 people, were getting 30. 15 cores, 15 premiums.”

So I went there. It was 6PM. I had a sleeping bag, a lawn chair, my DS and Trace Memory. I was good. Then they said it.

“You realize that the doors open at 8AM not midnight right?”

So I waited, and finally at 8am I got my 360. But I also got a terrible cold, and windburn. So I decided that I wouldn’t let it happen for Wii.

On Friday, EB Games, and Gamestop will begin taking preorders for the Wii when they open. 36 preorders should be available. Here’s the problem:


That’s the line to PREORDER PS3!

Sure the Wii will have more units to preorder, but if I don’t get a preorder, I really don’t want to go back to Target. So if you want a Wii from EB/Gamestop be there when the doors open friday! OR ELSE!…

…you’ll spend the day at Wal-Mart on the 18th.



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