Nintendo Conference Japan? Today? Cool!

News so far…from Neo-GAF:

● Miyamoto has just announced “Health Pack” (code name) for Wii (related to Family Health Check)
● A new cooking guide titled “DS Menu Collection” (similar to cooking Navi) for DS announced, and will have 1000 built-in recipes The new cooking game has a magnet stand so you can put your DS on your fridge while you cook. Magnet stand costs 1200yen. It’s also Wi-Fi compatible. No idea what for yet. (Thanks to Jonnyram, Click)
● Wii-Experience videos. Also known as ‘more watch people be ridiculous with wiimote’ videos (Click)
● From Next Spring, “Wii Compact Software” will be sold… presumably, these are downloadable games (i.e., no disc or manual). (Thanks to Jonnyram)
● 18 Wii games for Japan in 2006 (thanks to neo)
● The plan is similar to DS strategy (thanks to neo)
● Big Brain Academy for 2007 Spring (thanks to neo)
● Around 60 Virtual Console games before the end of 2006, including PCE and MD. (thanks to neo)
● Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube will be sold online only in Japan.

Wii points Prepaid card
● Wii points Prepaid card 1000 (1000 yen) – 1000 Wii points
● Wii points Prepaid card 3000 (3000 yen) – 3000 Wii points
● Wii points Prepaid card 5000 (5000 yen) – 5000 Wii points (?) + classic Controller
● Power brick 3,000 Yen
●Composite 1,000 Yen
● S-Video 2,500 Yen
● D terminal 2,500 Yen
● Component 2,500 Yen
● 512MB SD 3,800 Yen
● Wired LAN Adapter 2,800 Yen

Link to Accessories


Conference Page 1
Conference Page 2



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