Wii Boxing Video

This is my friend Daniel playing Wii Sports: Boxing with the hot Nintendo rep. FYI: She won.




6 thoughts on “Wii Boxing Video

  1. Because his girlfriends eyes go different directions. That girl was normal, and attractive. That’s just not what he’s in to.

    Also, when we were in line he kept saying stupid crap to her:

    “If that glass wasn’t there [around the Wii console] I would take it!”

    “I think I’ll steal the Revmote [I hit him in the head for calling it that] when I play.”

    “I’m from Virginia and I have guns. Is the Wii gun-proof?”

    “So do you have a Wii?”

    I told her that he has a mental disorder and he had only 4 more years to live. She said that it was appearent.

    That’s our Daniel for you!

  2. lol kell ur funny dan dunt worry about it man not all of us have game but i was totally chopping her after u made ur lame ass comments.

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