Preview-Warioware: Smooth Moves

This game is f-ing genius.

This was my third game to play. I was in line to play Metriod Prime 3, but I saw that no one was playing Warioware. I go over to play it and the rep looked happy that someone actually wanted to play. It’s WariowareWii! Of course I want to play!

I don’t remember which mini-game came first, but I’ll explain the ones I played.

-One has you holding the Wiimote like a paper airplane, and use it to put dentures into an old woman’s mouth. You position the Wiimote to line up with her mouth, and push forward.

-Another has you holding the Wiimote like handlebars and giving a young lad a double high-five. You push forward fast, and the boy goes flying. You will laugh.

-Another mini-game that uses the Wiimote like handlebars has you inflating a balloon to pop. You pump it up and down.

-One way you will hold the Wiimote in is called ‘Umbrella’. I’m sure you can figure out what that one looks like. One game to use ‘Umbrella’ had you shaking the Wiimote to get ants off of a banana. You could feel the rumble in this one.

-Another ‘Umbrella’ game had good ol’ 8 bit Mario standing under a coin block. Even though you are only supposed to pump your arm in the air, I found it much more enjoyable to jump.

-The next action (i believe) was called ‘The big kahuna’. It has you holding the Wiimote at your waist. One game had you hula- hooping, which was both embarrassing and pretty fun. The other game to use the ‘Big Kahuna’ had you as a little girl jump roping. You had to jump at the right time or you fall.

-The classic nose picking is back, and you hold the Wiimote like a paper airplane again. You postition the finger and push toward the nostril. The graphics were very wireframe-esque.

-One other that has you holding the Wiimote like handlebar’s has a character on top of a ball and you have to keep them from losing their balance by turning the Wiimote in the right direction to keep them on the ball.

– My 2 favorites were holding the Wiimote face up in my hand and getting a highfive from a Nintendog, and fishing in Animal Crossing.

-The Demo ends with a “boss battle”. You have to steer a car, and stay on the road while avoiding Sheep, monkeys, elephants, and bears. It’s interesting to note that if you tilt the controller forward during that mini-game, the car will bug out and crash.

So that was my time with Warioware: Smooth Moves. It was one of the best games I played at the show. That’s why it hurt even more that it was delayed until 2007. But I plan on buying it the day it comes out.



7 thoughts on “Preview-Warioware: Smooth Moves

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  3. I can’t beat the boss stage where I have to sword fight the guy with the strawberry on his head….I push, but nothing and I always lose. What am I doing wrong?

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