Preview- Excitetruck (Wii)

This was the second game I played on the Wii. To play i, you hold the Wiimote like an NES controller, and tilt it like a steering wheel. But this isn’t your average racing game.

The demo features 3 playable courses, a handful of trucks/SUV’s, and tons colors for your cars. You start the race with a rolling start. You quickly find a boost, which made me crack up with laughter. The speed in this game is intense. Seconds after I found the first boost, I found an exclamation point marker that took the ground right out from under my tires. I had to land the truck right by tilting the Wiimote to even out the truck.

You’ll find yourself laughing hysterically when you nearly fall when leaning in to turns. This game just feels good, and it was the game I kept coming back to play.

I highly recommend checking this one out.



6 thoughts on “Preview- Excitetruck (Wii)

  1. Cool. I was thinking about getting this for launch. I have one question. How does the Wii-mote feel when you hold it sideways? Seeing that one side is thicker than the other. I’ve always wondered that.

  2. The Wiimote feels great sideways. It feels very natural. It looks like one side is bigger than the other, but really it’s about the same size all around. Both Excitetruck and Tony Hawk feel very comfortable controller wise.

  3. Thank you for posting the first sideways-remote-in-hands picture I have seen. Now I finally have a good mental image of how small the thing really is. It’s so cute! :) I want to try…

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