X06 news. As in Freaking new HALO GAMES!

From Neo-GAF:

Xbox 360

● Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh & MS establish Wingnut interactive, Studio dedicated to creation of world class interactive entertainement (sounds like Hollywood version of Mistwalker).
● PJ & Fran will work on two 360 exclusive franchises, first is the ‘chapter in the Halo(r) universe’ (read:Spinoff) the second is something original.
● Halo Wars from Ensemble 360 exclusive. Halo Wars places the player in command of human UNSC armies as they deploy for mankind’s first deadly encounter with the enemy Covenant forces
● GTA4 will have two downloadable ‘episodes’ exclusive to 360, released months after launch
● Splinter Cell 5 (the one after Double Agent) is 360 exclusive
● Bioshock is 360 & PC exclusive
● PGR4 announced
● new Banjo Kazooie announced
● Cryptic Studios (City Of Heroes) will develop the Marvel MMORPG, for 360 & PC only
● Doom & Sensible World of Soccer announced for XBLA (Doom out today)
● HD-DVD $199, €199, £129, free King Kong for limited time & Media Center Remote Mid November for US & Europe
● Assassin’s Creed gameplay footage finally for all to see! (1)
● Guitar Hero II is going to be rocking your 360. With Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 rock rhythm, lead, or bass guitar tracks with downloadable content and the new X-Plorer controller, designed specifically for the Xbox 360. (1)

Gotta go.



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