Jaffe’s Project HL shelved. Outspoken Developer to work on PS3.

David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) has decided to halt work on his PSP project that was supposed to ‘make gamers cry’. He has now moved to PS3.  Here’s what he reports on his blog:

Our new game should be out in the next few months…between November and January, depending on a handful of factors. Not sure when marketing is going to break the news but I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can.

What I can tell you is I was playing it at 1080p the other day out in Utah and damn man, that has totally convinced me to go out and buy a snazzy, high end television. It’s night and freaking day, dude. Night and freaking day.

  As for the game, I can tell you, it’s NOT HL. That game is- for the moment- on the shelf.

The core reason is that it was very ambitious and so was/is WarHawk. The same developer is making both games (with some key members shared between both games) so Scott (head of Incog) and I said: **** it. We’ll do HL later…maybe.

But for now, let’s make something else.

And we have.

This was about 6-7 months ago and we’re almost at Alpha! It’s totally NOT a game like HL was going to be, or GOD OF WAR for that matter. It has stuff in common with TWISTED METAL, BOMBERMAN, and…well, a few other things that I ain’t gonna talk about yet!

I think it’s lots of fun and I hope you all will as well…we will know soon enough!

I CAN tell you that man, SHORTER, LESS EXPENSIVE GAMES….wow! What a BLAST to be working on these things! I feel like the old cartoonists who used to make Bugs and Daffy must have felt; how Rankin-Bass must have felt, pumping out show after show after show…just knocking them out, and some are- worst case- just average, while some are amazing… but it adds up to a hell of a batting average over time and lots of fun games. I have not dug the work this much in ages!

So I hope you guys dig this one enough that we get to make more! I’m sure you’ll let us know!

Sounds interesting. It’s a PS3 game we haven’t seen yet, but will be in the launch window. If I had enough money for PS3 and Wii And if PS3 had good launch games I would totally be interested!



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