My Zogdog friends go Hands-On with Wii!

From TheWiikly

…Once inside, we saw six giant HD televisions, six Wii stations, controllers, seats and games, games, games. For the record, the following games were present, but play them all I did not: Wii Sports, Zelda, Excite Truck, Rayman, Madden, Wario Ware and Trauma Center. And for ease on my part, I’ll explain the games as I played them, in the order I played them.

First game I hit was actually not Zelda, but Wii Sports. For some reason, I was craving the ability to go in and just start swinging that damnable wiimote like a racket, just because i wanted to see what it was like. Before I get into the game though, let me explain about the controller, it felt so freaking good when holding it. Seriously, you just hold it and think, “damn, this does feel good” and then get the desire to start using hidden samurai talents you wish you had. While I was checking out the wiimote, one of the 21 there came up and wanted to go at it. The poor fool.

Upon first use, you realize the wiimote works right as is should when trying to select options, just point and click press the A button. But uhm, when playing Tennis make sure you select a person and not just press next to go. We hit next thinking we had selected our guys, but uh, we didn’t…
Do you want to hear the rest? Of course!



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