And it begins…

This picture makes me want to tear off my own skin. It drives me crazy that they are already setting this stuff up and I can’t be there! When my Wal-Mart got the 360 kiosk I spent 5 hours with my neck at a 90 degree angle to see the screen. I’m a fanboy like that!

By the looks of it, it’s Target. Note the reflection in the glass reading ‘electronics’. That’s the way my Target is set up. More info as it hits.


UPDATE: The PS3 is also being prepped set up:

And that makes me 100% sure that this is Target. Wal-Mart keeps the accessories at the end of the isle, whereas Target keeps them next to the console. 

It will be interesting to see how the controller set up works. Usually the controller’s are conntected to the display thing, but with these two motion sensing consoles I am curious to see the final unit.


6 thoughts on “And it begins…

  1. Woah, I stop checking for like two days and then I get spammed with a million updates.

    Great news, though, good to have a release date.

    I’ll definitely be waiting in line for my Wii. November 19th, EBGames. We should have a tailgating party…

  2. We may have to, seeing as EB Games/ Gamestop are still being sketchy on whether or not they actually plan on taking preorders.

    I’m game for hanging at EB, as long as they do a midnight thing. I had to wait until 8AM for my 360 from the Land of the Rising savings (Target).

    So I would do a midnight thing. I’ll bring the party.

  3. I know the BAWLS! They gave out free cases when I went to this LAN party right after Doom 3 came out. I’m all for the party, but if I can pre-order I plan to. I don’t want to get shafted like I did for 360.

    I like the fact that I could sleep until 6PM on saturday, go to EB, hang out till 12, head home, play until 12PM the next day.

    I just have to have it day one. If not, I will have Red Steel, Rayman and Zelda in front of me without a console to play them on! In which I would don my Link cos-play costume and run around town yelling ‘GIVE ME A WII OR I SHALL SLASH YOUR TIRES WITH THIS PLEXIGLAS SWORD!’


  4. I preordered my games from Gamestop on W. Broad by the same Target I froze my face off to get a 360 at.

    Also, Congrats Knight! You just left Buttonbasher’s 200th comment!

    That’s crazy…

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