Wii React

With todays announcement of the Wii Launch details, I’ve been thinking all what this means to us gamers.  Yes it’s great that it’s $250, with  WiiSports,  but on the other hand it comes out 2 days after the PS3 launches! Here are some Pros and Cons to all of the announcements:


-The Wii is only about 2 months away.

-The games are looking better than ever.

-WiiSports will be packaged with the console.

-1st party titles will be region free.

-The Wii Interface seems to be well thought out, and complex.

– 1st party games (and possibly 3rd party games) will remain 49.99.

– Possibly 30 games at launch.
-Mii program seems fun.


-It launches 2 days after the PS3 (That will be messy.)

-Extra Controller pricing strategy: $39.99 for Wii Remote, $19.99 for Nunchuk. $60 for second controller!

-Launch Titles will not feature online play!

Besides the minor problems I have with it (I’ll be spending the same price as I did the 360, $460.00),this sounds like it will be a good launch.

Also, it’s only 12 days until I get to play it for myself at the Nintendo Fusion Tour!


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