Robert Summa fired from Joystiq due to fan reaction.

I have lost all respect for Joystiq. When the IBM announcement came out yesterday, a lot of fans were disappointed. One of the reasons was the hype that led up to it though comments from Robert Summa (the post author). Well when the gamers backalshed (like we tend to do), Joystiq tries to save face by posting an “apology and a note on hype”. Joystiq was so concerned that Robert had led to that backlash, they fired him after the post went up. Robert Summa has now joined the guys at Destructoid, and had this to say on the matter:

As you may or may not know (depending on your Internet game journalism knowledge) I was fired today for what happened yesterday at Joystiq. Apparently, there are already rumors and heresay about what exactly happened, so let me just set the record straight on the events … from the inside of Joystiq’s crude belly.

First of all, I mean no ill will toward Joystiq and the guys that run it. They are trying to do their thing, and I respect that. But, overall, I feel that they are headed in a direction that was counter to what I felt was the real reason I visited it and other gaming blogs in the first place. I went to game blogs to not only get info quickly without resorting to sites like IGN, but also to have a little fun with the whole thing. Afterall, isn’t that what video games are supposed to be, fun?

I feel Joystiq takes themselves WAY too seriously and that’s evident in their over reaction to the fan over reaction to my post. Was I wrong in teasing to later events? Maybe, but that’s all subjective isn’t it? And let me tell you, my purpose was not to create undue hype or bring traffic to the site. All I wanted to do was let the readers know they could come to Joystiq for the news and not some other site. Where’s the wrong in that?

Anyway, Joystiq knew the news (I told them) and they knew I was posting a note to let readers know to come back later. If they, at any point, thought I was sensationalizing things or was not in line with their “mission,” then they had an entire day to edit or take down the note. But, of course, they left it up. Why?

So, in order to save face (from what, I have no idea), they decided to run a lame apology which not only looked pathetic, but also put me in a very bad light. I felt running that apology was in poor taste and not professional as it was made to try and ruin my credibility.

Either way, I am very happy to be free from Joystiq’s shackles. From day one, they were very critical of nearly everything I did. I was treated like a child and made to feel like I was basically worth nothing to them — when in fact their traffic increased during my time there and they received a ton of original content and exclusives from me. Now, Destructoid faithful, you’ll be the ones who get that content, as I have now signed on board to contribute to this site. And happily, I might add. I want to have fun with blogging, I want to be free, and most importantly I want you, the reader, to have fun with me.

Let me end by saying this, so that we’re clear here: I in no way meant to hype anything. There was no ulterior motive to bring increased traffic. The entire affair was blown way out of proportion. Joystiq fired me because of fan reaction and their fear of losing whatever credibility they think they have. Also, we were both headed in different directions. They wanted content that was long, boring, and obscure. I want to write about fun stuff like rumors, culture, and everything that is humorous out there.

If every person that works for a gaming site, got fired for creating false hope, there would be a whole lot less fun on the internet.



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