Joystiq, and Kotaku (and other media outlets) to reveal ‘Major next-gen console news’ tonight at 12:01EST UPDATE:4

Or, as Kotaku states ‘New, New Console info’ That eliminates Xbox 360. New, New console info. Sony, or Nintendo. Let’s brainstorm.
Sony has had nothing but bad news recently for Playstation 3. Whereas Nintendo has been getting all the attention for their quirky Wii. Sony will be present at TGS (Sept. 22-24) where Krazy Ken Kutaragi will deliver the Keynote address (last years keynote, was the Revolution controller announcement). So TGS is in 15 days.

Nintendo has an event on the 14th, which is going into megaton hype mode. Matty C. and the cool kids at their IGN, have been saying that this following Wiik will be the Wiik to be a Nintendo fan.

12:01 EST is currently 3 hours away.


EDIT: It’s about the Wii!

From the author of the Joystiq Article:

543. Stu,

I read all the comments in my stories, so of course I’ll see yours.

My embargo has to do with details on a next-gen system. I really can’t get into specifics, because I can’t break that embargo.

I really don’t know who else has gotten the news. I would assume major outlets did also. But, I did get an interview with a major party involved, so there’s a chance I could have content that someone else might not.

Now that we’re just 4 hours away, I’ll tell you this: It has to do with the Wii. More than that, I really can’t say.

Posted at 8:06PM on Sep 7th 2006 by Robert Summa 0 stars

OMG-ies! East coast rulz


UPDATE 2: It’s not the Price of the Wii:

600. Less than 3 hours away: It has nothing to do with price.

Posted at 9:28PM on Sep 7th 2006 by Robert Summa


Update 3:

622. It’s not about Apple either.

Posted at 9:50PM on Sep 7th 2006 by Robert Summa



639. It has nothing to do with a peripheral.

Posted at 10:01PM on Sep 7th 2006 by Robert Summa

UPDATE 5: I’m done with the posting hints, but here’s your last tidbit:

665. I just want to tell you guys that I’ve really enjoyed the comments in this post today. I think it’s been great to hear everyone’s ideas bounced back and forth. It’s brought this sort of excitement back to everything, I feel. It’s sort of like we all sat around a campfire all day talking about video games. I love it.

I wish I could have given you this info the second I heard it, but as you know, that is not under my control.

I’ll give you another hint: Three letters are involved.

Posted at 10:31PM on Sep 7th 2006 by Robert Summa




_ _ _?

Be back with the news at 12




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