PS3 delay in Europe. US to get more units than Japan. This is the way the World ends! dun dun dun, dun dun.

Wow. Sorry Sony fans, I know you’ve been having a bad year so far. With the whole RIIDDGGEE RAACCERR! incident, and a poor E3 conference. Well fear not! You will be able to hit your giant enemy crab for Massive Damage, this fall…unless you live in Europe.

Europeans will have to wait until March 2007 to get their 4D on. Sony’s official word states:

The revision of the launch date in the SCEE territories is caused by the delay in the mass production schedule of the blue laser diode within the Sony Group, thus affecting the timely procurement of key components to be utilised in PLAYSTATION 3.

The previously announced PLAYSTATION 3 shipment forecast of 6 million units globally within the fiscal year ending 2007 is not changed.

North America will receive 400,000 units on time, and Japan is still set for November 11, but will only receive 100,000.



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