Confirmed: Wii Kiosk design is true.

My good friend RawmeatCowboy of GoNintendo, is reporting that many of his sources are saying that their EB/Gamestops have been recieving packets to get them ready for the Wii. More importantly the Wii demo kiosk is pictured as the same one from the previous post. The only problem I have with the design is the notable lack of the Nunchuk unit. There aren’t too many games that only use the Wii pointer/Wiimote/Wii controller/Wii wand.

  • Wii Sports (pictured on Kiosk)
  • Excitetruck
  • Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
  • Wii Music
  • Wii Motorsports (rumored to feature the Plane demo from E3, WaveRace, etc.)

Out of all of those I really only want to purchase Wii Sports, and Wario. I’ll Gamefly the rest. What I’m getting at is most of the titles that I’ve pre-ordered or plan on purchasing are Nunchuk enabled.

  • Zelda TP
  • Red Steel
  • Elebits
  • Mario Galaxy
  • Project Hammer
  • Metroid Prime 3

Yeah, it’ll be great to spend 5 hours playing Wii Sports at my EB, but I really want to check out some of the titles I want more first.

RawmeatCowboy also reports on an unconfirmed RUMOR.

I have heard that this same packet states that EB/Gamestop can expect to have their Wii demo kiosks up and running by the end of October. On top of that, my source told me that it is actually looking more like mid October, contrary to what is printed in the packet.

Hm. October 19th is my birthday…Nice…

Also, it’s 24 days till I get to play the Wii at the Fusion Tour!



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