Wii gonna Party like it’s launch date!

Wii. The iconic word that makes you want to play, and throw a dance rave at the same time. I understand! We’re gamers, we don’t usually get invited to parties (unless it’s an annual Mario Party). I seriously understand. And so does Nintendo. They don’t want to just invite you to the party, they want you to be a Wii Ambassador!

The Wii Ambassador program has been going on for a while, in secret. The basic idea is that Nintendo has been sending people a free black (I mean Onyx) DS Lite, and an invitation for you and 30 friends to play some Wii. They don’t tell you where until the day of (I guess they don’t want uninvited guests). Then you all go meet at the place they tell you, and you get in a van and go to the real place. Anyway, more and more of these are popping up so I guess it’s only a matter of time before I get invited! Seriously, who else in Columbus Ohio cares?

Now to the reason I posted. The more important event is on September 14. Reggie is holding a press conference, and then is letting the journalists play the Wii. What will be announced? There is no way that they don’t reveal date and price here. Nintendo has confirmed that they will reveal launch plans in September. Also, there seems to be a similar event on September 15 in London (which happens at the same time as the US one, according to time zone charts). 2 Wiivents at the same time, you bet we’ll hear launch plans and any final secrets Nintendo has up their sleeve (or in this case Reggie’s pocket). Both events are invite only. Here’s what the invitations look like:


Is that you're Wii...invitation?

Text reads: Some of you receiving this are old friends of ours. Some of you we’ve never met before. All of you will be excited, intrigued, and interested in what we have to show you. This is an event you must not miss. Wii promise. Join Nintendo on 15 September 2006 from 12PM to 6PM


I’ll be covering news as it comes out from the event. But if you think about it, why has Nintendo waited to tell us price and date, if it wasn’t big news. Could they pull an Apple? Could we be playing Wii in October?



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