What a Letdown. Review: Dead Rising

There’s a rant coming. It shuffles up to my 360 and get’s in. I hear the hum of the console. Next thing I know I am surrounded by Zombies. Right as they go to bite me I wake up in a cold sweat. It was just a bad dream I sigh. Then I look over at my TV, and notice a copy of Dead Rising is sitting on top, just waiting to have at me. It wasn’t just a dream! This game really does suck!

Well, I guess it doesn’t totally suck. It’s a nice distraction to keep you playing your 360 until Gears of War, and Bioshock invade your souls. But I guess you should know the good parts about the game.


-Tons of characters on screen at once, with little slowdown.

-It’s a great feeling using some of the weapons (Katana, Lawnmower, Shopping cart)

-Weapons are everywhere, and everything (most of the items are either edible, or good melee weapons)

-The Mall is pretty big, which gives you a nice chance to explore, find new weapons, and take some wacky pictures.

-The important text that tells you where to go is so small, it’s impossible to read on a standard TV

-Save points are hard to find for the first few hours of the game (and if you die, you start over from the beginning)

– Load times are frequent, and long.

– You will die in most boss fights, at least once, there is a long distance between your save point and the boss.

-You will have to start the game over on your first run, for various reasons. Me? I spent to much time just exploring. There IS a time limit.

-Otis. Freaking Otis. Google it. Otis should BURN.

Yes there are more bad things than good, but you should rent this game. It’s worth playing for a weekend, but it’s not really worth 60 bucks.



…freaking Otis…


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