Ponderings of an Xbot: Microsoft Weekly Update

The same day I purchased my DS Lite, my TV broke. It was the same day I got Oblivion from Gamefly. We went to get the TV fixed, and we heard back about 3 weeks ago that it couldn’t be fixed. So we went and got another. Virtually my whole summer, I have been without consoles. So now that I have a new TV, I have been playing my 360 non-stop. A sad fact to report: as of two hours ago, I have played Oblivion longer than Trace Memory. Also Oblivion is only my second Xbox 360 game to own. I Gamefly everything, beat it, send it back. Really Oblivion was the first good 360 game that wasn’t so short. It was odd today, recieving the game case and seeing the translucent green color. My other game is the Limited Edition of PDZ, which is in a metal case. Anyway, all you Xbot’s have been having a good week.

  • On Tuesday Capcom released Dead Rising, a Dawn of the Dead -esque survival horror title in which you play an unlucky photo journalist that gets a tip as to why his town isquarantined. He heads to the Willamette Mall, only to discover it’s full (really) of zombies. He can use anything as a weapon. It’s been getting good reviews, and already has new costumes available on the Marketplace. I’m renting it first, due to the fact that my friend Dan beat the campaign in a day. It should be here from Gamefly on Tuesday, and I’ll have a review up later in the week.
  • Prics for some new Xbox 360 games have been announced. I’m all for 39.99 games, make them all that price!
  • $39.99 Games:
  • Arcade Unplugged 9/5/6Test Drive Unlimited 9/5/6
    Cabela’s Alaskan Adventure 9/19/06
    World Series Of Poker Tour Of Champs 9/19/06
    Pimp My Ride 11/14/06
    Cabela’s African Safari 12/05/06
    Gears of War 11/7/06 (We kid! You’ll have to buy either the $59 or $69 sku)$49.99 Games:
    Bomberman: Act Zero 8/28/06
    Lego Star Wars: Original Trilogy 9/7/6
    Samurai Warriors 2 9/19/06
    Just Cause 9/26/06
    Blitz: The League 10/16/06
    Fuzion Frenzy 2 10/31/06
    Viva Pinata 11/01/06
    Cars 11/01/06
    Rayman Raving Rabbids 11/14/06
  • Also I’ll be posting the interview with Dean Takahashi as soon as I can…



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