IGN: ‘Wii know something. Or do Wii?’

IGN has a story up titled: Rumor: Wii Release Date, Price. It was up for a while, then taken down (replaced with: “At the request of our sources, who do not wish to go to jail this week, we have temporarily removed the Wii rumors piece that was posted earlier. We apologize to our readers for the misstep and will work to post the news at a future date“), then put back up with one paragraph missing. Luckily I had it cached, and have it here for you guys now: “Insiders claim to have seen final hardware. The Broadway CPU is allegedly in the 750 CL line, a continuation of the 750 GX series. IBM may be working on a revised Broadway chip with a lower clock speed for a future Nintendo handheld — presumably one that plays GameCube discs.

Here’s the Article (presuming it isn’t removed again):
Wii Hate You Matt C.



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