Newsplosion- Gears Emergence Day, Loads of Wii Titles Announced, Castlevania set for XBLA, and Ask Dean Takahashi! Thursdayton, anyone?

Wow, this is what happens when you spend the day playing Oblivion. First off, Emergence Day was announced, 6 Wii Titles were announced by Ubisoft (some will surprise you), 2 Wii Titles from Midway, Castlevania may be hitting the XBLA, and another chance to ask questions to a member of the Gaming Industry. Whoo…I mean Wii.

1) Gears of War will hit US shores on November 12 for 60$.

Nothing much left to say about this one. The Xbox Live messages that I mentioned a while back were part of a Viral. Hooray. Now give me a demo.

2) 8 Total Wii titles from Ubisoft.


Rayman Raving Rabbids (I just pre-ordered)

Red Steel (Also pre-ordered)

Far Cry (Whoa, Awesome!)

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (can you say ‘Wiimote as Flight Stick’?)

Monster 4×4 World Circuit (A truck racer)

Open Season (based on the CGI movie)

GT Pro Series (A new racing IP)

Pretty cool eh? But wait, that’s only 7! Here’s 8

Prince Of Persia (It was only on the french Press Release, but how cool is that!)

3) 2 (for now) Wii titles from Midway.

Rampage: Total Destruction (Not really cool on Current Gen, but sounds sweet for Wii)

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (FatalaWii anyone?)

4) Castlevania SotN coming to XBLA? says so. They also list it as Q1 07.

5) Ask Dean Takahashi!

I’ll be interviewing Dean Takahashi (author of ‘The Xbox 360 Uncloaked’, and ‘Opening the Xbox’) on the 16th, and I’m taking submissions of question ideas until the 14th. This worked well for the interview with Eric Nylund, so I’m expecting some good ones! Thanks Mr. Takahashi for the interview!

Send questions to:

So there you have it, the big news from this week. Now I have to go back to Oblivion.



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