News of the Day! Fusion Frenzy 2, Gears of War Viral Marketing, and Tales from the FUTURE!!1

A truck load of interesting news showed up on the good ol’ internets today. I am here to grant your wish, and post it all for you to see! Long live Jambi.

Announced: Fusion Frenzy 2! Joystiq say: “Microsoft has officially announced the holiday arrival of Fuzion Frenzy 2 for the Xbox 360. Interestingly enough, this one’s actually being developed by Hudson, a subsidiary of Konami (the first game was done by Blitz). Aside from oh-so-creatively shifting the 40 mini-games into space and across multiple planets, the new developer has seen fit to add full online functionality, allowing players to create custom tournaments and build up a rank that gives them some authority in picking which mini-games to play next. It isn’t specifically mentioned, but you can probably count on purchasing and downloading extra activities months after you’ve grown tired of the original selection.”

I know my friends love this game, but have never played it. My friends don’t like me enough to let me. It’s that good.

Viral’d or Spam Whak’d?: For all you guys with 360’s and a Live Gold account,an Xbox Live user named MFenix (Marcus Fenix is the main character in Gears) is messaging users with the following:

We need your help. Can’t talk now. Don’t know who to trust. Will send more tomorrow.

Then followed up with:

Thank you for your help. Don’t trust messages from anyone but myself and Dom. He’s using the covert name of LocustHordeH8r. They are everywhere, and even classified information sent here could be compromised. We’re working on a code. More tomorrow.

Is this viral marketing, or spam? I dunno, but it’s not as rude as other spam I’ve gotten. I once had an Irish man rap about how I should feel when getting married. Classy.

In the year 2000! Someone has a time machine, and used it to punk Nintendo Power. Just check this out (from GoNintendo):

Eerie…He should get a free Wii
That’s all for today. Read the Steve Downes interview below!



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