By Grapthar’s Hammer…What a Savings.

Circuit City has been having this sale where certain games were priced down to 8.99! I happened to have a 25 dollar gift card to Circuit City, and I decided to raid the leftovers of the sale. I saw some GBA games (crap), and some Xbox, and PS2 games (more crap). But then an employee noticed that I was sifting through the crap, and offered that they had a few more that were this price. What he showed me suprised me. Here’s what I collected from my journey:

(PS2) Sony Jampack Volume 14: 5 bucks (because of the Okami Demo)

(PS2) SSX On Tour: 9 bucks (It was either that or Driver Parallel Lines)

(PS2) Eyetoy: Play(includes Eyetoy!!!!!!): 9 Bucks!

I call that a successful raid. It was worthy of a Galaxy Quest quote.

Now to play some games on my NEW TV!! Another fine Friday!



2 thoughts on “By Grapthar’s Hammer…What a Savings.

  1. When I say new TV, I mean our family got a new TV because our old one has been broken since the day I got my DS Lite. I have been without games except for DDR with Mario. That game makes me feel fat.

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