News from Comic Con

Comic Con 06 is upon us, and we’re getting some gaming news from the show.

1) Capcom Hoardes Phoenix Wright. This is the story that had me pounding on my keyboard at 12 last night. A guy that got to go to the preview night had this to say: “The only other thing worth of Nintendo News is Capcom had Pheonix Wright with the Free Phoenix Wright Stylus with Purchase thing going on. The game is retailed at the Comic Con for $30.”

Huh? What is that? Capcom magically has tons of copies of a game I had to track down to Hawaii to get? Hm. Wait…OBJECTION! I accuse thee of hoarding! What? You don’t care? Oh. Okay!

2) Check out the voice actors for the new Spyro Game:

I’ll update this as more happens. But until then, here’s the new Nintendo Power cover:



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