Nintendo does Rock and Roll. KLind play’s Wii!

Nintendo makes plenty of games that feature elves, plumbers, and little pink balls that suck things. But once a year they drop the happy colors, and smiles to do something uncalled for. Something musical. Something I never can get tickets to.

The Nintendo Fusion Tour is known for fusing Music and Gaming together to make a concert everyone will like. It is infamous for having hot games from E3 playable before they ship. Last year they had Zelda Twilight Princess for the Cube. The year before they had RE4. This year we have Wii!!

My friend Everly went to the show last year (with artists like Motion City Soundtrack and Fall Out Boy ) but because I waited 1 day to get tickets, they were sold out. Everyone in Ohio went just so they could see Fall Out Boy, not to play games. Everly only played Pac Man on a GBA. This year the artist list was just announced and it looks like everyone should get tickets early.

Some artists include: Relient K (I’ve seen them, hm…7 times.), Emery, Hawthorne Heights, and Plain White T’s. I can miss the Relient Ks preformance, same goes for HH, and Plain White T’s. Emery I want to see 1 song. That gives me the whole time to play Wii!

It’s not known what games will be playable, or when it will happen, but i’ll keep you posted.



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