Half Life 2 coming to 360, and PS3 Ep. 1+2. Plus EA gives 6 to Wii!

At EA’s Summer Press event, Valve’s Gabe Newell announced the Half Life 2 will be released both for PS3, and Xbox 360. Both will include Episodes 1 and 2, as well as Team Fortress 2, and a new title:Portal. According to Gamespot, Team Fortress 2 now dons a cartoony art style, and a “60’s spy feel”. As for Portal, Joystiq describes that it: “incorporates a rather imaginative gun and encourages you to blast Prey-like portals into floors and walls for all manner of object shifting, puzzle solving hijinx.” Sounds fun. Gamespot says that the game will ship simultaneously for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. There’s no word on whether or not the Playstation 3 version of HL2 will use the special motion features, but I’m sure someone will ask Valve in the near future.

In other news EA is releasing 6 titles for the Wii. Some of the make sense, like: Tiger Woods, Madden, Need For Speed Carbon, and Harry Potter./ Some are welcome surprises, like SSX. But one title stood out: The Godfather. It seems very violent to be on a Nintendo console. Let’s just pray that this doesn’t turn out like Mortal Kombat on the SNES.



5 thoughts on “Half Life 2 coming to 360, and PS3 Ep. 1+2. Plus EA gives 6 to Wii!

  1. Yeah I know, I just think that the Godfather story (The movie, I never played the game) Is more violent. In RE4 we were killing Infected Cult members, and Killer 7 was in a Cel Shaded world (which made it less voilent to me). It just seems like with The Godfather, you are killing real people. And just thinking about all the ways to kill someone with the Wii-mote just makes me feel more violent. I just thought it was more extreme. I’m curious to see how the game will play.

  2. The Half-Life 2 thing was something I figured would happen sooner or later, despite the Xbox version pretty much bombing. You can get that for $10 at Best Buy now.

    I’m especially excited since it will contain all the new content up until that point. I can run HL2 on my computer, but Steam and the loading times just drive me nuts. I think I’ll prefer it on a console, particularly one that can do all the bells and whistles my PC can’t lol

    The Wii thing is good news. I know for a while some sites were reporting rumors that EA really wasn’t working on much of anything for it.

  3. Yeah, if Valve didn’t include the extra stuff then that would be stupid. You could pay 60 bucks for a game that you can play on the 360, or you can pay 10 bucks the Xbox version that is BacCombat with 360. I just hope that when new Half life episodes come out, they will be downloadable for the consoles.

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