From Origami to Argo. Am I your Xboy?

The saga of the Xboy (Or whatever M$ calls they’re step into the portable gaming market) has been talked about for a while now. First we had Project Origami

In a demo video we see someone playing Halo 2 on it. Is this the Portable Xbox? No. It’s a portable PC.

But recently we have heard that J Allard has been working on something called Project Argo. It’s been called an Ipod killer. But with J Allard on the project it must be Xbox related, right? Honestly we don’t know. Engadget claims that this is the Argo:

Argo? Is it you?

But from what we see here it looks like a standard Mp3 player. Not a Portable Gaming machine! But then we have the blurry images that Engadget posted a while back:

Do you see what I see? something poking out of the upper right corner? It’s not in the “official” shot, but it looks to be either an antenna, or…a stylus??

I’m not sure about this but rumors were saying you will be able to download stuff wi-fi style. So what would keep them from adding Xbox Live Anywhere into the mix? Just a thought.


UPDATE: It’s official name is the Zune. Here’s a logo:

Chances are this is only an Mp3 player.


10 thoughts on “From Origami to Argo. Am I your Xboy?

  1. It looks a little too wide to be a headphone jack. A stylus makes sense, too. I mean, look at the size of that screen. Large enough to be a touch-screen.

  2. I don’t know man, it strikes to me as the type of jack like this (if you compare the size of the jack, the size of the player, and the size of the hand holding it):

    Also, that would be awesome if it was a touch screen. And even though it might just be the headphone jack, it will most likely have wireless capabilities (hopefully WiFi). But no antenna or stylus will stick out, of course.

  3. I know that when Spong ran an article about it, they mentioned something about it being a PSP, IPod, And DS Killer. Also I think that with such a big screen, it would make sense to have it be a touch screen.

  4. Well, SPOnG has a bit of a history of streching things out a whole lot and making stuff up. I don’t think this thing will go as far to compete with the PSP and iPod. Microsoft is smart, they know that they can’t do a multiple media device that will pose as a serious threat to their biggest problem, the iPod. They would need a dedicated device to actually compete with the iPod, and the zune, which looks to be said device, could do that. And, as awesome as a touch screen on it would be, it would be overkill for an iPod competitor. They need to match it feature for feature at a completely tolerable price, cheaper than the iPod, even. Which would pose as an actual threat to Apple’s star player.

  5. Yes, I realize that SPOnG has history. I never really consider them a real source. That would be like posting a legit news story about something SeriousGamer007 said. Also I think that M$ waited too long. I think that Apple has made to much of a name for themselves, and at least the first try will fail. That is unless they do something radical. Something that not just the techies will find appealing. I think that the Wireless music download thing is cool, but I doubt it appeals to the casual person. Thats just what I think. And Sorry for breaking out a SPOnG.

  6. Hehe, SPOnG. Yeah, Microsoft has to truly do something unique to get the interest off of the iPod and onto the zune. Maybe… 3D STEREOSCOPIC PROJECTING. LeIK zOMFG THURSDAYTON

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