Review: Kirby Canvas Curse

When I woke up today I did the same thing I always do: stumble to the mailbox. Today was another good day for mail when Gamefly came: this time Kirby Canvas Curse.

This is one of the DS games that is controlled by the stylus only. Basically Kirby has become a ball, and you use your stylus to poke him, and draw rainbows to guide him to the stargate. Still here? Good.

The game consists of 8 worlds with 3 stages in each. After you finish the 3rd stage (you can go in any order) you get to pick a boss. They vary from a race, a connect the dots puzzle, and finally a pinball/ break out kind of thing. You can replay the old levels you already beat, but I’m not sure how long this will last. I’m on the 7th world now, but I have only put in 3:24 hours. It has been a fun game so far but it’s not really one that I really want to replay. So if you have Gamefly you should play it, but really it will be over before you know it.




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