I’m KLind, and I have problems touching my DS Lite. It’s too new.

News has been dead recently. Some big news was that we (USA) may be getting new DS Lite colors. That pisses me off. It happen’s all the time. I subscribe to Nintendo Power, and get a guide book. The next issue claims: Subscribe now and get a DS Demo card. <OR> “Sweet, I just got my favorite bands New CD!” Days later: “The same CD I just bought is being re-released with 3 new tracks.”. Of course the DS lite thing is just a rumor, but it would sick if true. I just got my replacement DS Lite in today! (More on that later).

There was a minor splash of Wii news when Sports Illustrated for Kids (nice source, right?) listed the Wii as launching on November 6. Everyone was shocked to find out that it was false. Nintendo commented saying that they would announce by September. But we already knew that. Welcome to the news drought!

Other than that, when I was checking my Gamefly, I noticed that they have the Wii page up. I added most of the games to my list, and went back to re-reading the Halo Novels in time for the interview. Speaking of that, thanks to all who have sent in your questions. I have roughly 20 or so, all dealing with Halo. I’m only going to pick a few, because Mr. Nylund requested that we only do roughly a dozen questions. Good thing some people are busy.

I got my replacement DS Lite today, and it’s currently sitting on a piece of orange fleece on my desk. I have become paranoid to touch it. My first DS Lite had scratches all over it from being carried in my pocket. It was something that you could only notice in the sun, but I’m the kind of guy who requests a replacement DS when because of a lame trigger, and a stuck pixel that show’s up in one game (happened to be Phoenix Wright…sigh).

So when I found out that my old DS Lite would become Nintendo’s, I began to actually play with it. I didn’t clean the screen when it got a fingerprint, I let my hands sweat the texture off of the inside, and I let the button’s become bashed. But with this one, It’s so…new. The touchscreen has never been touched, and volume bar never adjusted, and for the first time since I got a DS lite I have seriously debated getting a skin for it. It would prevent the top of the system from getting scratched (Not that I don’t have good Lite case now), and then the texture of the inside couldn’t be sweated off. Also I need good screen protectors. I hear Hori is the best, but does anyone know any other good ones? It is a gaming machine though. I guess I’ll settle for screen protectors.

I hope everyone had a grand July 4th, and if not I have a cool Halo MP3 that should make things better: Hail to 117

I guess I’m off to go play some DS Lite, after all I have to break in my new woman at one time or another…Keep sending the question ideas.


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