Late (small) Review: Tony Hawk’s American Sk8Land (Nintendo DS)

What a cool game! I didn’t actually plan on playing this one at all, but then when I was at the library I saw a kid playing it and saw the impressive graphics. So when I put it in this morning, turned it on, I was suprised to hear complete voice acting by Tony Hawk, and other skaters. Then after I made my character, I was suprised again when I heard Green Day “Holiday” playing in the background, at fairly good sound quality.

The game actually plays a lot like the console versions. The controls are tight, and the graphics are pretty good, considering that it loads a huge area in seconds. It has a cel-shaded look, and the cutscenes remind me of Amped 3.

It’s a decent DS game, but I beat in a day. Rent it.




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