Ask Eric Nylund!

Most of you know Eric Nylund. He is the author of 2 of the 3 Halo novels, and is currently working hard on the newest one, with the working title “Halo: Ghosts of Coral“. He has also worked on some original stories like: Pawn’s Dream, A Game of Universe, and Signal to Noise, just to name a few. Recently he worked on developing the story and setting for one of the most anticipated games of the year: Gears of War.

Well, Mr. Nylund has agreed to answer some questions for Buttonbasher! The interview will happen sometime after Comic Con, at the end of the month. Here’s where you guys come in. He has agreed to answer a dozen or so questions, and I want to use some from you guys! This is your chance to ask Eric Nylund any questions you have about his works!

Submit all your questions to with the subject line: “Ask Eric Nylund”. You have until July 20 to submit your questions, so I have time to pick which to use.

This is a very exciting oportunity, so I hope to get some good, thoughtful questions. But Mr. Nylund does say: “…there are many many topics I can’t comment on; Bungie keeps all the good stuff under layers of high tensile security wrap.” So make sure to think about if it’s something that can actually be answered

I want to thank Mr. Nylund for giving Buttonbasher this interview. Look for it to be posted near the end of the month.

Have Fun!



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