Trust me with your valuables! Or not.

I remember the first Video Game system I broke. My Gameboy Advance SP Retro Edition, because I kick it oldschool yo! My friend Dan came over to play some GBA (because I had just got my SP). I go to turn it on and….BOOM, a multicolored screen of doom. It looked like a test screen. I called Ninty, and got it replaced. I got a brand new one from them.

A few years later, actually January 13, 2006, my Xbox 360 stalled at the start-up screen. I sent it back, and got a “refurbished” unit. It had crayon marks on the faceplate, and was missing a rubber foot, so my system leans at a slant. M$ service sucks.

Today, a lone 20 days after buying my DS Lite, I managed to break it too. First, about a week ago, I noticed that my R Trigger was a bit off. You had to push hard to get any reaction. Then 2 days ago, I noticed a stuck pixel on the Touch Screen. This made me mad, but I could look past it. Then today the R trigger stopped working all together, and I noticed another stuck pixel.

So here’s the cool part. Nintendo is shipping me a new DS Lite, and when I get it, I put my old one in the box, slap on the return label and send it back! That means I will not be Lite-less at all. It should be here in 3-4 days, which is about the same time my 3 Gamefly DS games should take!

I hope I’ll be able to do the same with the Wii, because you know I’ll break it.




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