Cing working on Wii?

If you have read Buttonbasher before, chances are that you know of my obsession with Trace Memory, and (coming soon) Hotel Dusk: Room 215, both made by Japanese developer Cing. On Saturdays, I check their site, and bug them by asking for an interview. Today, through the magic of Babelfish translator, I ventured over to the Japanese site. What I found made me wonder: Is Cing working on a game for Wii? Here’s what it said (Engrish Alert!):

News of the next generation machine new title employment

* Game planner
* Graphic design
* Programmer

To about 23 – 40 year old above professional school junior college soldiers/finishings
* Above game production experience 3 year, the one welcome which leader experience you have
* Line of business
Game machine for home (the next generation machine new title) plan production.

Does this mean they are working for Wii? Hell if I know. I did contact them asking of their interest of Wii, but if I hear back is another story. Another Story? Another Code? Trace Memory? TRACE MEMORY! Full Circle!!! B00m!!




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