Retro Review: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Metroid, Metriod, Metroid. I try to like you! It’s just very hard to when I have no idea where the hell I’m going 90% of the time, in every game!

With a busted TV, rendering my 360, and PS2 usless, I began looking for a Gamecube game from Gamefly (I have an older TV that runs the RF cord with my Cube.) I settled on MP2:E made by Retro Studios (get the post title now?)

I like the style of the Prime games, but with Prime 1 I got stuck at a boss because I didn’t grab the right number of life upgrades. It’s impossible to beat a boss just because I didn’t collect all the capsules? Thats just dumb on the game dev’s part. With Hunters for DS, It just got so boring. Explore area, go fight boss. Repeat 40 times. The multiplay on Hunters is near impossible. Everyone has ben playing since launch, and they’re all too good.

I went into Metriod Prime 2 with an open mind, but quickly realized that it would be more of the same. I booted it up to a great looking menu system. But within the first hour of Gameplay I was hopelessly lost, and had to resort to a walkthrough only to find out that I had to scan everything in the area with a scan visor, just so I could trigger a cut-scene, then go back to the previous room!

Another problem I have with this series is the fact that every game starts with a sweet first level in which you get to play with all the fun upgrades, and then for some reason you get them all taken away! It’s like a big collect-a-thon! I just hope that in Prime 3 for Wii, that all that mess is taken care of. But I guess if the Nunchuck controls Grapple beam, this may be already fixed.

I ‘m not that far into the game, but if things continue the way they’re heading,my score won’t change much.




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