EGM 205 Get!

This is totally going against what I said in my last post, I figured since it’s another slow news day, here are the big stories from EGM 205.

-There is an interview with Kaz Hirai, which brings up some very good points (not in his favor though). The most notable is that unlike the 360, you cannot upgrade the console to get the same as you would get in the better package (i.e. Core can evolve to premium except the chrome on the disk tray.) The worst part is that in a picture on the next page, he has Playstation Water. Ugh, I’d hate to see a Playstation energy drink: Essence of Kutaragi…

-A Reggie interview is also in it. My favorite part was his reaction to the PS3 Price.

EGM: Did you give yourself a high five when Sony announced the price of the PS3?

Reggie:When I first heard their announcement, I was suprised. Arguably, you could say, shocked. When I heard the arrogance in their comments to support the price, I was even further shocked. They will do what they will do, and we will do what we do…

My thoughts exactally. Two words for Sony: RIIIIIIIIIDDGE RAAAACCEER!!!!

-They interview Microsofts Shane Kim, but that interview isn’t all that interesting.

-Interestingly enough, DS is the only system to get an “A” grade from E3…

– An article on FFXIII (thats 13) shows the only reason for me to buy a PS3. Or at least to convince a rich friend to anyway…

-Kojima (of MGS Fame) had this to say about E3:

EGM: What excited you the most at E#?

Hideo Kojima: Nintendo Wii.


– They do a crash course (pun intended) on the Gizmondo fiasco. Funny stuff.

-In the Rumor Section, which has been wrong before, states that some PS3 developers have moved their projects to Wii. Also it states that a LucasArts Star Wars Lightsaber game is coming exclusive to Wii. The last one was confirmed by the accomplished German gaming journalist: Falafelkid a few days before E3.

– The cover story on Call of Duty 3 is cool, I guess. I’m just so tired of WWII games, it failed to excite me. Ther is the first Wii shot of the game though. Google it, and you can see it.

Its a fairly good issue, but nothing like last months.



10 thoughts on “EGM 205 Get!

  1. Ha ha. Those interviews are great.

    I’m very excited to hear about the lightsabe game on Wii. To be honest, that was the second thing I thought about when I saw the controllers.

    (The first was “that green is ugly”)

  2. lol. I’m for sure going to get white, black, and if they keep the indigo colour from e3 (I HOPE THEY DO), I’ll get that. Maybe two whites, for Wii: Music (the drumming minigame).

  3. In regards to the Drum game, how would the foot pedals work? I’m a drummer, and it looks sweet, but with drumsets pedals are VERY important. Also I wonder about Volume control on the Wiimote. I wish Buttonbasher would catch on, so I could take the crew to E3. But I doubt it will. Regardless I will still keep making posts…sigh….

  4. I would think that the B triggers control the pedals, but perhaps a little attachment that plugs into the wiimotes would work as well, like a foot pedal. Not sure on the Wiimote volume control though, it might be an in-game volume slider.

    Also, if you really want to get your site on the “noticed” list, you need a few things changed. 1) Your own paid-for server, to go with the domain you own ( You could even run your own server, if you download/buy a server program. 2) A nice site graphical design/template. You know, make the look game oriented, but keep it really clean, practical, and easy to look at. Take 4colorrebellion, for instance, they have a really nice site design. 3) You need exclusive articles/interviews/mega-reviews. And, finally, 4) You need more bloggers. Email me if you want me to find you some for you, I’m pretty good at picking out the good from the bad. :)

  5. Yeah, when I get my new PC I’m going to shut BB down for a week or so to get everything up and running. Also, I plan to take you up on that offer (about more bloggers). Thanks for the Advice!

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