You Lite Up My Life! Hardware Review- DS Lite

I went out to Best Buy to pick up a DS lite today. But it turns out that they had sold out. So I went next door to Wal-Mart, where I picked up my new baby. I dashed out to the car, and oh so carefully cut the tape of of the box. When it was out in my hands, it was like a dream. I compared sizes with my DS phat, and now it was time to turn it on. I have had the feeling that it would come with a stuck pixel, but it turns out that my lite is perfect!

Lets get the basics out of the way, it is smaller, brighter, and 10x more sexy. The first brightness setting is the same as the phat. Second is the best setting. Third is getting a bit too bright. And the 4th setting has been called “The Sun”. Other than the brightness upgrade, the buttons and D-pad just feel like real buttons. On the phat, it felt like you were adjusting the volume on the TV. The Mic has been relocated which is a good thing when you have to yell “Red!” at Brain Age. Also the GBA slot has a cover, so instead of sticking a random game in there to fill the void, it’s already fixed.

My only problem with it is I feel like I have to clean it a lot. I guess that could change in the future, but based on the look of my Original DS (phat feels weird to type) I want to take good care of my lite.

Otherwise, another thing I noticed is that when I was at the library playing my Original, I noticed girls walking right past me. But when I’m packing a light, 2 girls came over and asked what it was! And when they saw Mario, they said that it was very cool! For a gamer like me, I take what ever interactions, with the strange species called gir,l I can get.

Overall Look: 10/10

Functionality: Still great

Chick Value: Getting better!

Final Score:10/10

Buy it!


(Update) One thing I noticed when playing it on “Sun” is that when I went to look at my PC monitor, it looked dim. Just goes to show you that Sun is very bright. Also the inside of the system (when it’s open) is textured. That means you don’t want to worry about fingerprints on the inside. If that makes any sense.

(UPDATE 2) I noticed that in the booklets was a Pictochat Manual. Cute.


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