It’s New. And it Super. Mario’s in there too! Mini-Review

Now before I got my DS lite today, I got New Super Mario Bros. from Gamefly. I played the first level on my Phat, and it looked okay. But when I went to the Lite side, the game looks amazing. The big thing with the DS Lite is that you get to see the games how they are supposed to look. You get to see the colors that you didn’t see on the Phat. But other than that, let’s hear how the game plays.

It’s a sidescroller in the style of Sonic Rush (also for DS) which had the character sprites in 3D, but the backround in colorful 3D. It’s so colorful, it’s the game to show off the DS Lite. At first it feels like any old Mario, but 3/4 of the way through the first level you get the Mega Mushroom. You double in size, as Mario takes up the whole top screen, and can break through anything. Along with the fact that the sound effects are from the original Mario game (which is just plain cool).

There’s a handful of new features, that make this game a must have. It seems like it will be over soon though. But I’ve had a lot of fun replaying levels to find secrets and different paths. Along with some Mini-Game that are multiplayer compatable, and some fun Multiplayer Mario vs. Luigi off of one game cart, the only reason to pass this one up is if you don’t like DS! It’s a great game.

Graphics: 9/10

Sound: 7/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overall: 9/10



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