News from the Land of the Rising Wii. I mean Sun. Wii News.

Lets get started!

Wii will know it’s price and launch date before September.

“Although I will not call a certain sales goal for the Wii console, I can promise that we will reach sales clearly over those of the Gamecube.” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

Mr. Iwata also stated that even if the Wii meets Nintendo’s sales projections, it will have little impact on Nintendo’s profit…as far as short term is concerned.

Virtual Console titles will range from 4-8 dollars.

The DS can be used as a Touch screen controller for certain games.

Through WiiConnect24 DS demos can be downloaded (similar to Store Kiosks)

– Also I’m wondering how this will work, but: DS games can be expanded via Wii.

By September? Does that rule out the Tokyo Game Show? Hmm…



3 thoughts on “News from the Land of the Rising Wii. I mean Sun. Wii News.

  1. Maybe the wii controller will work the same as the touch screen except the part where you touch the screen for ds games via wii.

  2. I wanna put a laser pointer on mine, like an aiming module. That would be interesting.

    I hope the speaker on the wiimote isn’t some crappy $0.20 piece. I hope it actually SOUNDS GOOD.

    Oh wait, it’s Nintendo. It will.

  3. Yeah, I think that may actually a good Idea to put a laser pointer for games that don’t have an on screen mark. Also about the speaker, I was talking to someone who at e3 played some Wii. He said that the speaker sounded the same quality of DS. DS one is fine!

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