Xbox 360 Spring Update Hits on 6.6.06

Bring on 125 apocalyptic new features!

Including, but not limited to:

-“Download manager” – Marketplace items now download in the background, queue up to six pieces of content

– “Boot to Dashboard” setting will bypass the loading of any disc in the drive and open directly to Dashboard during power-on

– Themes can now be set from the “System” blade on the Dashboard (Many people had trouble tracking down this feature on the Xbox Guide Blade)

-User-selected music continues play when switching from Dashboard to game or game to Dashboard

-Instantaneous “Change Theme” option added upon downloading new Dashboard themes

– User music is now pauses, instead of stopping, when games override user-selected background music

– Unlocked Achievements now displayed first in Game Summary page

-Selecting an Achievement now shows the specific Achievement details

– Show videos downloaded from Marketplace in the Video area of the Media blade

– Improved usability around “Play Now” when downloading demos, trailers and videos

– Wireless battery level added to mini-pop-up guide over backward-compatible games

– Improved handling of backward-compatible update experience, reboot back into Xbox v1 environment instead of Dashboard

I happen to be going to the library tomorrow, so this is nice.



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