Hitman Blood Money 10/10

This is the best game that I have ever played. I just beat it, which is sad for me, because I was hoping it would have taken longer for me to play through it. You can do just about anything in this game from pushing someone off of a balcony to running up to a random person and head butt them in the face then start punching them. The game gives you a choice of bribing people that saw you kill somebody and you can upgrade you’re weapons except the ones you find. The weirdest upgrade I thought was that you could silence the shotgun and put a scope and laser sight on it. The coolest thing in this game I think is that after almost every mission there is a newspaper article reporting on the murders you did.

After I had beaten the game I wanted to see the cheats. So I went through all the crap you have to go through to cheat in almost every PC game. Any way I started up the game went to a mission and tried the very first cheat Give All I clicked it the game crashed. After finding out that, I tried all the others and they worked fine so I went back to Give All clicked yep it crashed so that’s pretty much the only thing wrong with the game, now I’m going to play Half Life 2: Episode One.



One thought on “Hitman Blood Money 10/10

  1. Well, that’s what happens when the game is pirated! Gamefly has it under short wait, so I think I’ll just go to Blockbuster. Either way, I hear the 360 version is pretty. Mmmm, 360….

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