Halo 3 Multiplayer has been played

Xbox Evolved has an interview with (my hero) Marty O’Donnell, which is both awesome, and disappointing. It’s awesome because certain press got to play some Halo 3 multiplayer. It’s disappointing because I am not that certain press. Either way, heres the quote:

Well a funny thing about that, we showed them and flew around in the trailer in real time, we were able to show how light reflects off the space-tether, you could see the expanse of the Forerunner construct and how it goes out for miles, something people don’t know is we had the option to let the press play some multiplayer.

As I speak, the Bungie Weekly Update should be up, so more H3 news should be out by the time you read this.


(Update): The only H3 news from the update (Bungies Power’s out) is that we are getting a Halo 3 trailer documentary. You know, like a behind the scenes look. I don’t know, I’d rather get A clip of H3 Multiplayer. Who’s up for triple weilding?!


One thought on “Halo 3 Multiplayer has been played

  1. I’m up for some triple wielding and a freaking halo 3 game. They need to give us halo 3 now before I kill dan right kel.
    Or should I say Denny. :)

    See ya kel.

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